Death of an Avid Reader

Death of an Avid Reader

Belatedly wishing Kate Shackleton’s friends and mine a very happy New Year!

I’m surprised to see that I haven’t written on these pages since November. Time flies when a deadline looms.

Death of an Avid Reader, book number six in the Kate Shackleton series, went to the publisher on Monday, January 6, the day we took down the Christmas tree. My editor will be reading the manuscript this coming week.

Now I am catching up with myself. A priority was planting daffodil and tulip bulbs that should have gone into the ground a month or so ago. This morning I woke to a frost, pretty fortunate when parts of the country are flooded, and with ice and snow on the other side of the Atlantic. I hope my spring bulbs survive. Perhaps they will appear in March, when Death of an Avid Reader goes into production. UK publication will be October, and I notice that the title is already listed on Amazon.

A Medal for Murder will be published in paperback in the US and Canada on January 14, followed by the hardback and e-book edition of Murder in the Afternoon on February 11. This is good because I’ll be back in the US of A at the Malice Domestic Convention, Bethesda, May 2 – May 4.

Other highlights of the coming year include Bristol Crimefest (May 15 – May 18) and before that Poulton-le-Fylde Library for World Book Night, April 23, an evening event that may necessitate an overnight hotel stay and a walk on the beach the next day.

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