Year: 2017

A Trip to Germany with Murderous Sisters

I’m recently back from a trip to Germany where I was honoured to be guest speaker at the 2017 Mörderische Schwestern Conference that took place over the weekend of 30 November to 2 December at Kloester-Schoental.  Fenna Williams and Gitta Edelmann met me at Frankfurt airport. Gitta and I stayed…

Moerderische Schwestern Conference 2017

It’s an honour and a pleasure to be guest speaker at this conference in Kloester-Schoental.

Here are the links to my talk, in German and in English.

German talk (in German)
German talk (in English))

Stewed Mushrooms in Gravy and an old recipe book

I was recently invited to contribute a post to Suzanne’s Dear Reader Column and was happy to oblige. The brief was to write on whatever topic I chose. Mushrooms came to mind. I have some very old recipe books. Here’s a picture of the page that prompted my column. Stewed…

“Vigee likes your review”

  This morning, I was thinking that it’s a long while since I wrote a blog, and also thinking about this coming weekend when I’ll be attending the St Hilda’s Crime & Mystery event in Oxford. I then opened my emails. Goodreads told me that Vigee liked my review (2011)…

Yorkshire – Kate Shackleton Territory

Yorkshire is a surprising place of stark contrasts. My home, the city of Leeds in West Yorkshire, was once a hub of industry including engineering and tailoring factories. Today’s emphasis is on banking, insurance, shopping and eating. Leeds is home to my detective, Kate Shackleton who trod the mean streets and…