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A Snapshot of Murder

A Snapshot of Murder
Taking the perfect photograph can be murder ...
Yorkshire, 1928. Indomitable sleuth Kate Shackleton is taking a well-deserved break from her detective work -
- and indulging in her other passion: photography. When her local Photographic Society proposes an outing, Kate jumps at the chance to visit Haworth and Stanbury, in the heart of Brontë country, the setting for Wuthering Heights.
But when an obnoxious member of their party is murdered, the group is thrown into disarray.
Is the murderer amongst them, or did the loud-mouthed Tobias have more enemies than they might have imagined?
Armed with her wit and wiles, and of course her trusty camera,
it's up to Kate to crack the case, and get that perfect shot too . . ..

"Frances Brody skilfully plays on our emotions by signalling the likely guilt of the one person who attracts our sympathy...

"Newcomers to this well-established series will enjoy earlier titles, too."

Daily Mail

"This delightful whodunit..."

Bookshelf, The People's Friend

"It's hard to believe this is the tenth Kate Shackleton crime story - but it's every bit as good as the first."

Woman's Way

"This is the tenth book in the series and it's going from strength to strength. ... I was certain I knew the name of the murderer although - as usual - I was wrong, despite there being plenty of clues. It was an excellent read and I finished it all too quickly. There's a bonus with the book too: I was somewhat surprised, with seventy five or so pages still to go to find that A Snapshot of Murder was finished and we were into the acknowledgements. Then I found Kate Shackleton's First Case ... with no fanfare I'd been given a Kate Shackleton short story and it's an absolute cracker."

The Bookbag

A Snapshot of Murder was published by Piatkus on October 25th 2018; the paperback edition, eBook and audio edition (read by Anne Dover) were published simultaneously:

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Kate Shackleton's First Case

Also included in A Snapshot of Murder is a brand new short story, Kate Shackleton's First Case, initially published as a solo e-book, telling the story of how Kate Shackleton became Yorkshire's most tireless private investigator, a heroine ahead of her time.

Header photograph, Ingenues arrive, Central Station, Sydney, 1928-1929, by Sam Hood from the collection of the State Library of New South Wales.